Why Choose

VB Forensic?

We are the first AML and Forensic Accounting firm in Central Africa.


An integral part of your success

We start where other forensic accountants finish” is a brand that our clients believe in.  It is our attention to detail in ensuring that we understand the workings of your business and our professional and attentive service that is second to none. Through discussion and relationship, we become an integral part of your success, using our specialist skills across a range of services to provide solutions that will increase and protect your organization.


Central Africa context specialists

Through several years of experiences working with big 4 firms in audit and advisory in Africa, our team has developed an intensive expertise and solutions helping our clients to face the local and international challenges particular to the Central Africa’s countries. We understand the economic context and politics as well as international institutions expectations that organizations face in this region, to better adapt and develop any solution that suits your needs.


Free of conflict of interest

As a Boutique Firm dedicate exclusively to AML & Forensic Accounting Services, we are rarelly in conflict of interest or business conflict situations those are unfortunately all too frequent in firms offering audit and other consulting services.


Big 4 expertise and more at an affordable price

The deep expertise gained through years of leadership with Big 4 firms in Africa, Europe and North America, our team have developed relevant solutions to help your organization meets any type of your needs at an affordable price.


Certified and Experienced Team

Our team members have graduate degrees from the most prestigious universities in Canada and Congo, in addition of being CPAs (Canada and France), CFEs, and CAMS. They have extended years of experiences dealing with AML, Forensic Accounting and audit mandates in Africa, Europe and North America and assisting all size organizations to meet their needs with integrity, confidentiality and professionalism