AML & Forensic Accounting Solutions
for Your Industry

Oil & Gas and Mining

Conscient of the fact that Central African’s countries rely mostly on Oil & Gas and Mining industry, we have developed solutions through years of expertise evaluating their fundamental business models, reassessing cost structures to better match current commodity prices, while continuing to plan for a hard-to-predict future. In addition, we have helping them in measuring loss and damage in cases such as: equipment failures and fires, floods, wildfires, boiler failures and explosions, breach of contracts, fraud, employee theft and many others.

Banking & Financial Services

Our team have experience working with several financial institutions and insurance companies, including many with high-risk, international components to their business. We take the time to understand the subtleties and nuances of your underlying business model and combine our knowledge of the AML environment and regulatory expectations to actively assist clients with compliance issues through audits, monitoring, training and ongoing advisory roles.

Telecommunication & Media

With intense competition driving consolidation and diversification, telecom and media providers are adding non-traditional services to their portfolios. But by doing so, companies are taking on additional responsibility, including increased regulations, financial risks, currency exchange fluctuations, data privacy, short supply chains, litigations and limited supplier pools. We help our clients in addressing those new challenges and we have developed specific expertise dealing with Mobile Money Banking solutions.

Maritime & Transportation

The very nature of Maritime and Transportation industry means disputes and they are often challenging and complex. Such disputes need to be resolved quickly and achieve the best outcome available – which requires experts that fully understand the industry. We help clients assess and mitigate their risks and assessing any damage they may be involved on roads, water and air- from tankers, cargo ships and port and harbor authorities to shipyards, offshore refineries, fishing vessels, cruise ships and even riverboat casinos.

Government & International Organizations

Local governments are constantly under pressure to stay accountable, transparent and compliant Whether they are directly or indirectly using public funds, while adapting to new economic structures. In addition, International institutions want a better understanding of how their funds are using by receivers. At VB Forensic, we understand the complex issues facing by this sector and have developed relevant, timely, and sustainable solutions for our clients.